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What Affects Recidivism?

If there were proven ways to reduce the number of people who end up back in jail, would most people agree to implement these changes? If it costs less to actively reduce recidivism than it does to put people back behind bars, would society embrace programs that did...

How can amicable divorce help you move on?

Divorcing Washington couples may want to aim for an amicable divorce. This type of divorce is civil and almost always uncontested. This means you do not have to deal with lengthy court battles.  Unfortunately, you may find it hard to achieve uncontested divorce. But...

How is credit card debt split in a divorce?

When it comes to divorce and finances, most couples are concerned about how to divvy up their shared assets. If you and your spouse frequently used credit to pay for things during your marriage, the question of how this debt may be handled will also arise.  U.S. News...

How can you coparent in a healthy way?

Divorce is among one of the most life changing events that you can experience. Despite the negatives, divorce can also be a fresh start. It can be a way to revive your family’s stability. When there are children involved with a divorce, you must set aside your...