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Sealing Juvenile Records In Washington

One mistake shouldn’t follow you for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there is path toward a clean slate.  At the office of Kurt Bennett - The Redemption Lawyer, you will find committed legal counsel from a team who has proven experience with juvenile record sealing. We are here to help you seal your record so you can move forward.

Sealing” the record of a juvenile conviction refers to removing criminal records from public view and treating them as if they never happened. After a juvenile conviction has been sealed, you no longer have to tell anyone that you have been convicted of a crime. The conviction will not show up on background checks. However, sealing isn’t necessarily permanent, as records can be unsealed under certain situations. It is important to note that these options may not be available for all past convictions in the state. We can advise you on whether sealing is an option for you.

In Washington, sealing of records can be very confusing because sealing an adult criminal court case is completely different from sealing a juvenile conviction, although Washington law uses the same word (sealing) for both. Our attorney will help you understand how the law works in these matters.

Juvenile Sex Offenses

Under a recent change in Washington law, adults who were convicted of certain sex offenses as minors now qualify to have those records sealed. They also don’t have to register as sex offenders anymore.

Adults who are eligible will be automatically removed from the sex offender registry after a certain amount of time. Most people convicted of juvenile sex offenses more than five years ago should be receiving a letter from the County Sheriff informing them they have been automatically relieved of the duty to register.

However, you still need to take action to get your juvenile record sealed. Our attorney can help you with this critical step.

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Your future does not need to be determined by a mistake you made when you were younger. We are here to assist you with sealing your juvenile record, so contact us today by calling 206-792-3265. If sealing is not the right option for your situation, we can review if you are eligible to vacate your conviction or pursue an expungement of your record. You can also contact us online. Your initial consultation is always free.