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CROPs (Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity)

CROPs is short for Certification of Restoration of Opportunity. Washington has this Certificate available if you do not qualify for an expungement or are unable to have a conviction vacated. It is really designed to help people who have no other options left.

With CROPs, you are able to petition the court to be declared rehabilitated thus removing many of the negative consequences of your past. A judge will review your case and decide whether or not your requests will be granted. This is a recent development in the law, and it is an extremely important change that will impact many people throughout the state. If you have previously tried to have a crime removed from your record and learned that there was nothing a lawyer could do for you, call our office today to see if CROPs can change your situation.

Can I Get A CROPs?

You can get a CROPs if you:

  • have served your jail time or finished probation for a specified amount of time.
  • have complied with all the terms of your sentence.
  • have paid your LFOs (Legal Financial Obligations), are following your payment plan, or have good cause not to be following your payment plan.
  • have not committed any new crimes.
  • are not required to register as a sex offender
  • have never been convicted of a:
    • class A felony
    • sex offense
    • crime with sexual motivations
    • extortion
    • drive-by shooting

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