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Reducing The Burden Of A Criminal Conviction Through A CROP (Certificate Of Restoration Of Opportunity)

A criminal conviction can make your life challenging in so many ways. If you don’t qualify for record sealing, expungement (vacating the record) or other forms of relief, you may still be able to pursue a Certification of Restoration of Opportunity (CROP). This option is designed to help people who have no other options left.

Through the CROP process, you can petition the court to be declared rehabilitated, which will remove many of the negative consequences of your past. A judge will review your case and decide whether to grant a CROP. This is a recent development in the law, and it is an extremely important change that will benefit many people throughout the state.

Don’t Give Up Hope

If you have previously tried to have a crime removed from your record and learned that there was nothing a lawyer could do for you, don’t give up. Our attorney can evaluate whether you qualify for a CROP and help you build a strong case for getting relief from your past.

Based in Normandy Park, we focus exclusively on this area of law. Our redemption lawyer, Kurt Bennett, has 20-plus years of experience helping people obtain freedom from the criminal records that have haunted them for far too long.

Who Is Eligible For A CROP?

You may qualify for a CROP if:

  • You’ve served your jail time or finished probation for a specified amount of time.
  • You’ve complied with all the terms of your sentence.
  • You’ve paid your LFOs (Legal Financial Obligations), are following your payment plan or have good cause not to be following your payment plan.
  • You haven’t committed any new crimes.
  • You’re not required to register as a sex offender.

Talk to our team to find out whether you qualify.

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