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Hope For Those With Serious Felony Convictions: Governor Pardon

If you were convicted of a Class A felony in Washington, you may have given up hope of ever getting out from under your criminal record. You won’t qualify for expungement (vacation of a criminal record). You may have been told there’s nothing that can be done.

However, there is one remaining opportunity: A governor pardon.

The Washington state governor has the power to pardon people convicted of any state crime. They have the power to do away with the ongoing consequences of your conviction with the stroke of a pen.

What Does It Mean To Get A Pardon?

A pardon is like a golden ticket from Willy Wonka – it opens so many doors. While a pardon does not remove the conviction from your record, it will remove the penalties and limitations of that conviction. On background checks, your conviction will show up as being pardoned, so it won’t hold you back.

Making A Strong Case For A Pardon

If you’re wondering, “Am I eligible for a pardon?”, the answer is everyone is eligible to petition for a pardon, the real question is “do you have a strong chance of having the Governor grant you a pardon?”

The strongest cases for pardons are those where:

  • Your offense was many years or even decades ago.
  • At the time of offense, you were young and involved with the wrong crowd or the wrong lifestyle.
  • Since then, you’ve turned your life around. You’re a different person now.
  • You have no recent criminal history.
  • You have a job, stable housing, a family and a support system.

These and similar scenarios have higher chances of a successful outcome.

A Redemption Lawyer With A Proven History Of Many Successful Pardons

If you’re considering pursuing a governor pardon, talk to our team at the Normandy Park law firm of Kurt Bennett - The Redemption Lawyer. Our redemption lawyer has decades of experience handling these kinds of cases. He has obtained many successful pardons – and, as a result, has a strong reputation in the legal community as the go-to resource for pardons in Washington.

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