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Kurt’s Story

You have countless options available when you have a legal problem and are probably wondering what really makes one law firm different from the other. As the founding attorney of our firm, I have heard this question often from potential clients. I wanted to take the time to tell you my story so you know a little more about me, and why I feel my firm is the one that can best help you resolve your specific issues.

In 2000, I had to undergo extensive treatment for a case of Bell’s Palsy. For several months, half of my face was frozen, leaving me in a very difficult place. I didn’t know what was going to happen in the long term, which was very confusing and frightening for me.

With the appropriate care, I managed to make a full recovery, only to experience a much more significant case of the same illness in 2007. This time, it took even longer to overcome, with my face being paralyzed for over six months. It took a lot of hard work to get through this, and often, I didn’t know what the end result would be.

In 2015, I suffered extremely serious injuries when I fell 20 feet off a ladder. I broke my leg and shattered my arm. To this day, I still have plates holding my arm together. I went through tremendous physical pain undergoing those procedures and still carry the lessons I learned at this time with me today. While recovering, I had a lot of time to think about my future and what it held for me.

But there’s more to my story. It’s not just physical problems I’ve dealt with in my life; I also went through a very contentious divorce. The process was extremely draining emotionally. I have spent time going to counseling to help me emerge from my situation in a better place. I am a firm believer that counseling can help people who have tough cases because I see the impact it has had on me. It has forced me to take my emotional and physical well-being more seriously, and to that end, I compete in many obstacle course 5ks and other athletic events to continue to challenge myself.

All these experiences have really led me to form the basic philosophy of my life and my firm: things are going to happen to you that are completely out of your control. You’re going to feel lost. You’re not going to have all the answers. However, I also know your reaction to these things will shape what happens to you going forward. I have learned that it’s okay to stand up for yourself when everyone seems to be against you, it’s okay to have goals and pursue them, even when you’re down, it’s okay to fight for and believe in yourself.

That is what we do here. We’re the firm that fights for you to get your second chance, just like I’ve needed in my life. Attorneys are people too and deal with the many of the same challenges you experience. We’re not perfect, and you shouldn’t think of us as judging you when you come to us for help with your problems. We simply want to help you live the life you want. Your lawyer needs to be on your side, and at my firm, I make it our mission to be here to support you and fight for your second chance.

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