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What Past Clients Have Said About Working With Us

Lindsey B

Kurt gave me my life back and a chance for an open and better future for my career and family! He worked diligently for 4+ years, starting with restoring my rights and then vacating all convictions. He explained every process in great detail and left no stone unturned. He was straight forward, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Kurt!

Rick B

Kurt Bennett helped me get my rights back. He was professional, knowledgeable, and one of the most down to earth attorneys I’ve ever met! Thank you Kurt Bennett team!

Jeff B

Kurt Bennett and his firm are the tip top of their field and worth every penny. They helped me restore my rights. The only way to be is crime free. That’s the way to live. If you want or need the best – Hire Kurt Bennett and his firm. May the sun always shine on your path. Thank you to all in the firm for all you do.


I’ve been working with Mr. Bennett since 2004 when his office used to be in downtown Seattle. I still remember Mr. Bennett telling me when I first met him, “if I don’t believe that I can win your case, I won’t take it.” Mr. Bennett vacated two felonies and restored my gun rights. I owe this man one of my kidneys if necessary. It is because of my resiliency and his skills that has given me the opportunity to do ANYTHING I put my mind to worldwide. I am for real and this is not a delusion. If you can’t pay what you weigh, Mr. Bennett is not the representative for you. One love to King Kurt Bennett, RT


Got my gun rights back in the middle of a pandemic. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. Restoring my rights seemed very unlikely at the start of all this regardless of everything being shut down but Kurt and his team made it happen.

Phillip M

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value . First of all I want to say Thank you to you and your team. I’ve been wanting to seal my juvenile record for the past 20 years and now its complete. On behalf of myself and my Family We want to Thank you for everything. Stay safe and Happy Holidays


I had a great experience with Kurt Bennett Attorneys. They did not back down from my challenge and did everything it took to accomplish the goals we had set. They were able to make what seemed impossible….possible. I would highly recommend their services!

Cassandra C

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value . I loved working with their office! No complaints and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good lawyer. They are a law firm who cares about you, will work with you through setbacks/obstacles, and is professional at all times.

Michael P.

Kurt and his team were able to get a hearing scheduled and won my case to vacate 2 convictions. The entire team was very responsive, and answered all of my questions from the time I hired them all the way through to my court hearing. I felt very prepared for the hearing and it was clear that Kurt was prepared as well. The prosecutor wasn’t interested in the facts and was set out to have my motion to vacate denied from the start. Thankfully Kurt was able to speak very well on my behalf, and prepared me to speak on my own behalf as well. I highly recommend hiring Kurt’s firm if you need to have a conviction vacated.

Paul K.

I have tremendous confidence that when you enter a courtroom, there is action. In my mind, I see you as the best man to be taking the winning shot at the buzzer.

Ben S.

Thank you guys so much! My life is great now! Before I would walk around with a fake smile. Deep down inside I wasn’t happy, but you guys changed that! I smile now, knowing that everything is better. Thank you.


Kurt and his team were exceptional throughout my entire 7-month legal battle. No one likes to be put in these situations, but if you ever find yourself in one, look no further than this office. Even though I had two pending cases against me, Kurt and his team handled everything so I could continue to take care of my day to day responsibilities as court hearings and disputes can be very time consuming! At one point the weather made it so the courts were closed for one of my appearances and there was a mix up at the hearing, not ruling in my favor – Kurt and his legal team were quick to act and with their knowledge and persistence, they overturned a decision that was illegally made by the courts. If you find yourself in a situation where you need defense, I highly recommend Kurt and his team. You will be represented by the one of the most professional, and well-respected teams in the Seattle area.


As a client of Attorney Kurt D. Bennett, I have been impressed by his high-level of prioritizing, organization and commitment working together. My emotions were up & down due to the complexity of my case, however, I am very grateful that Mr. Bennett and his staff remained professionally empathetic and patient with me throughout the process. I recommend anyone to seek out his counseling, especially if they are in need of representation that will take precision, attention to detail and most importantly dedication. Additionally, his team are just as results driven as he his? They are just a phone call away.

Jennifer B.

Thank you so much Kurt!! I really appreciate everything you’ve down to help me be mature and grow while dealing with the situation. I’ve learned a lot and am more confident than I have ever been! Thank you!!

Ian L.

I have valued your perspective, counsel and guidance through this major transition in my life. I cannot say it enough, thank you.

Douglas D.

Thank you for all your help in getting my license reinstated. Thank you so much for all the work your firm did for me. Your team has been a blessing to me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Nick D.

Thank you and the team for the professionalism and teamwork as we worked through these speed bumps along the way. It was and is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best!


Thank you for saving my ass.


Mr. Bennett – what an awesome day to celebrate!! Cannot possibly THANK YOU enough. I am ever so grateful.


WOW this is really exciting THANK YOU SO MUCH! What a HUGE burden has been lifted.