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What is restorative justice?

On this blog, we often use the term "redemption law" when discussing ways to give people a second chance after they have been convicted of a crime. Another term that some of our readers may have seen is "restorative justice." The two concepts are different in many ways, but they have some important things in common, and it can be helpful to understand what restorative justice means.

Put simply, restorative justice refers to an approach to criminal justice that, instead of centering on punishment, emphasizes repairing the damage done to people by criminal acts. This general concept has existed in various forms throughout history, and many Native American tribes have practiced some form of restorative justice for centuries.

CROPS option helps those who don't qualify for expungement

The past is in the past, but unfortunately it doesn't always stay there. Oftentimes, many individuals with a criminal record are finding it hard to turn their lives around. Growing out of the mistakes of a person's past takes courage and maturity. However, a better future is difficult when the ghost of past criminal convictions still haunts rental and employment applications.

Thankfully, many people getting released from prison have options. Washington recently developed an alternative option for when expungement is not possible. Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity (CROPS) offers qualified individuals the ability to petition the judge to consider them "rehabilitated" from the offenses performed in the past.

Can you erase your criminal record?

After you have been tried and convicted of a crime, paid any fees and served any required time behind bars, you may feel that you have paid your debt to society and you should start with a clean slate. Unfortunately, many people find that having a criminal conviction on their record sets them back for years.

This is true, of course, for people who have been convicted of felonies and certain charges, such as many sex crimes, that require them to put their names on a registry. Many people are surprised to learn that a conviction on even relatively minor charges can interfere with their ability to find suitable employment or even housing.

What does a DUI arrest mean for your license?

Being accused of drunk driving is incredibly serious here in Washington. A conviction on DUI charges can lead to jail time, hefty fines and other consequences that can change a person’s life.

And a DUI case can have major impacts on a person long before trial. For example, just being arrested for drunk driving in Washington triggers some significant consequences. One is an automatic license suspension. Today we’ll go over some of the basics of license suspensions for DUI arrests in Washington.

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