We All Deserve A Second Chance

At the Normandy Park law firm of Kurt Bennett - The Redemption Lawyer, our practice is all about second chances. We focus solely on redemption law because we are committed to freeing people from the mistakes and past choices that still haunt them. Our team can help you shed the shame and burdens that come with having a criminal record.

Attorney Kurt D. Bennett

The Pacific Northwest Redemption Lawyer – Clearing Criminal Records For Over 20 Years

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Don’t Let Youthful Mistakes Haunt You

We believe people should be allowed to put youthful indiscretions behind them and move forward in a positive direction. The value of your recent accomplishments should far outweigh the negative impact of errors in judgment from the past. You shouldn’t hit roadblocks in applying for jobs, financing or housing because of something that happened 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

If you are tired of your criminal record interfering with your life and future, we can help. The court is much more interested in who you are today than in who you were when you were arrested. We can show the judge that you have overcome your past and should no longer be bound by it.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients


Diana H – Burglary (Class B Felony) – The Governor’s Pardon removed the barriers preventing Diana from becoming a certified drug rehabilitation counselor.


After years of drug addiction and related criminal behavior RP finally got clean, sober, and on the right track. All 16 felonies and 24 misdemeanor convictions were vacated, and RP’s criminal history is completely clean.


Kurt has obtained hundreds of juvenile sealings for all levels and kinds of offenses, including sex offenses, violent offenses, assaults, robberies, drug offenses, thefts, driving offenses and firearm offenses.

Put 20-Plus Years Of Valuable Experience To Work For You

At our firm, you will benefit from Kurt Bennett’s decades of experience working as both an attorney and a judge pro tem in Washington. His success in helping juveniles and adults clear their criminal records through the vacation of convictions, pardons and sealed records has earned him a nickname: the Pacific Northwest Redemption Lawyer.

Our firm has helped hundreds of people clear their criminal records and build brighter futures. Even if you think there’s nothing you can do to clear your record, you have nothing to lose by reaching out for a free consultation.

A Compassionate, Supportive Legal Team You Can Count On

Meet Kurt Bennett,
Redemption Lawyer

Attorney Kurt Bennett
Attorney Kurt Bennett with a client

Our Testimonials

Mr. Bennett – what an awesome day to celebrate!! Cannot possibly THANK YOU enough. I am ever so grateful.


Thank you guys so much! My life is great now! Before I would walk around with a fake smile. Deep down inside I wasn’t happy, but you guys changed that! I smile now, knowing that everything is better. Thank you.


I have valued your perspective, counsel and guidance through this major transition in my life. I cannot say it enough, thank you.


Thank you and the team for the professionalism and teamwork as we worked through these speed bumps along the way. It was and is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best.


I recommend anyone to seek out his counseling, especially if they are in need of representation that will take precision, attention to detail and most importantly dedication. Additionally, his team are just as results driven as he is. They are just a phone call away.


Thank you so much Kurt!! I really appreciate everything you’ve down to help me be mature and grow while dealing with the situation. I’ve learned a lot and am more confident than I have ever been! Thank you!!


I have tremendous confidence that when you enter a courtroom, there is action. In my mind, I see you as the best man to be taking the winning shot at the buzzer.


Thank you for all your help in getting my license reinstated. Thank you so much for all the work your firm did for me. Your team has been a blessing to me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.