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Can a felony conviction be vacated in Washington?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Expungement

A felony conviction can be like a yoke, weighing you down long after you have served your sentence. It can limit your employment opportunities, make it difficult to secure housing and even affect some of your civil rights. Fortunately, all hope is not lost.

The law in Washington is designed to allow individuals to move on from their past mistakes, rehabilitate themselves and reintegrate into society. It offers a legal process to vacate felony convictions under certain circumstances, which can be a lifeline for those seeking to overcome the burdens and restrictions of a felony conviction.

When your felony conviction is vacated, it is essentially removed from your record, making it appear like you were never convicted. Below is a more detailed look at the key aspects of vacating a felony conviction in Washington.

Eligibility for vacating a felony conviction in Washington

It’s important to understand that not all felony convictions in Washington can be vacated. You must meet these requirements to be eligible.

  • You should have no pending criminal charges in Washington or any other state or federal court.
  • You must have completed your sentence, which includes serving any prison time, probation or parole and paying any restitution or fines imposed by the court.
  • You were not convicted of a violent offense.
  • You have not committed a crime within a specified period, depending on the nature of the offense you were convicted for

The presiding judge will weigh various factors when deciding whether to vacate the felony conviction, including your criminal history and behavior since the conviction and its impact on your life.

Embrace a fresh start 

While it may not be a straightforward journey, the path to vacating a felony conviction is attainable. Learning more about how things work and seeking qualified legal guidance can help you navigate the process more effectively.