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Destroying and sealing records are very different

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Expungement

When someone is seeking to have their record expunged, what they’re usually considering is having that record sealed. This is an official process that can close the record so that it won’t have an effect on their daily life any longer.

However, people sometimes think about this as if the record is being destroyed. They think it is being completely deleted or eliminated so that it no longer exists. But sealing and destroying records are quite different in some key ways.

A sealed record still exists

The biggest difference is that a sealed record is still there and can be accessed by the authorities. Sealing that record just prevents it from showing up in a public background check.

This can be beneficial if someone was looking for a job, for instance. An employer could run a background check and that criminal record isn’t going to show up. The person would pass the background check and get the job.

However, if that individual got arrested again, the police would know that they had a criminal record. Additionally, there are sometimes ways in which an order to seal a record can be overruled. After all, that record is still there and could once again be opened up to the public. This would be impossible if the record had been completely destroyed at the beginning.

Utilizing the legal process

It’s very important to understand how this process works for those who are interested in getting rid of their criminal record. They also need to know exactly what steps to take to achieve their goals and utilize the legal tools that are available to them to secure a better future.