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Drug courts help people keep a clear record 

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | redemption law

If you get arrested for a drug-related crime, the actual penalties may not be that severe. You may have to serve a short jail sentence and pay a fine, for example.

However, the problem that you may find is that this creates a criminal record. In some cases, this record is going to be visible to employers or potential landlords. It can make it harder to get a job, find a place to live, get a loan, get into some schools and much more.

As a result, some alleged offenders have chosen to go through a drug court. This is a way to keep a clear record, even though it does not necessarily mean that the chargers are simply dropped.

How does it work?

If you go through a drug court, and you’re deemed to be a good candidate who is technically eligible, then a treatment plan will be created for you. If you adhere to this treatment plan and complete the program, then you are allowed to go without having a drug conviction on your record. 

Why is this used?

The idea behind drug courts is simply that many people who use drugs, whether these are prescription drugs or illegal drugs, will then become addicted to them. The drug crimes that these individuals may commit could be connected more to that addiction than anything else. Jail times and fines do not cure addiction, so the person will likely commit the same crime again when they get out. But if a drug court can overcome the addiction, then future crimes can be prevented.

When keeping your record clear is your main focus, you can see why it’s important to understand all of your options.