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Why hire someone with a criminal history? 

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Redemption Law

It’s common to portray individuals as good or bad. The truth is that human behavior just isn’t that simple. There are numerous reasons why someone may be charged with a crime and even convicted. All criminal activity is wrong but a criminal history doesn’t mean that an individual is bad or cannot turn their life around. 

In fact, some research suggests that there are many potential advantages to hiring people who have a criminal history. Why might this be the case? 

High attendance rates 

While there are many schemes in place to try and get those who have a criminal history back into work, this is by no means easy. There are still a number of stigmas surrounding this topic. However, once an individual with a criminal past has gained employment, they are often more keen to work overtime and turn up every single day. This positive attitude can be out of gratitude to the employer for taking into account all circumstances and not being too quick to judge. 

Advanced skill sets 

While being incarcerated is not a good thing, it is positives can be found in almost every scenario. Some prisons run advanced schemes where it’s possible to engage in different types of training and educational activities. These skills can be extremely useful for employers in the outside world. 

Everyone deserves a second chance 

Assuming that someone who has faced criminal charges in the past is a bad person is an oversimplification. All circumstances should be taken into account. If you feel like your criminal history is impacting your present and future employment opportunities, it may be possible to seal the record of your conviction. Seeking legal guidance on this matter will let you know where you stand.