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Expunging employees’ criminal records can benefit businesses too

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Expungement

While finding work with a criminal record can be difficult, many people in the Seattle-Tacoma area manage to do it. Obviously, having a steady income is a huge part of moving on from mistakes made in the past. But having a good job does not mean that your record is no longer haunting you.

Among other things, having a criminal charge or conviction can also affect your ability to find a place to live, buy a car, and other essential things that other people take for granted. All it can take is a criminal background check for a landlord to turn down your application for an apartment or for an auto dealer or bank to deny you a loan.

Helping its employees expunge their records

An employer that helps its workers expunge or seal their criminal records would likely have a happier, more motivated workforce. One nonprofit in Utah is starting to offer that service as a benefit for its employees who have records. The nonprofit is partnering with a company that helps people expunge their records.

An article about the employer notes that in a survey, 85 percent of human resources directors report that employees with criminal records do their jobs as well, if not better, than their colleagues. Clearly, most people with a record just need a chance to prove themselves — something a lot of employers, landlords and banks are not willing to consider. Meanwhile, the nonprofit expects this benefit to help it attract applicants in a tight job market.

The difference working with a lawyer can make

One question about this story is whether the expungement company is some form of law firm or employs lawyers. Here in Washington State, the law sets out a strict procedure for applying for an expungement. A mistake can force you to start over. That is why many people choose to trust their expungement applications to an attorney who regularly handles redemption law matters like expungements.