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Can you benefit from Washington’s CROP program?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Redemption Law

Have you lost work, housing and other opportunities based on past criminal convictions that remain on your record? Many Washington residents are unaware that they may benefit from the state’s Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity Program. 

Learn more about CROP and find out whether you can take advantage of this route to secure housing and employment. 

CROP eligibility

You can apply for CROP if you have completed your sentence for a previous misdemeanor or felony conviction. 

If you served probation for a misdemeanor, CROP becomes available a year after your sentence. You can apply 18 months after your sentence for a misdemeanor involving jail time. You must wait two years after a Class B or C felony or five years after any violent offense to apply. 

Impact of CROP

If you qualify and successfully obtain a CROP, the law prevents you from losing housing, work or professional license opportunities because of your past conviction. However, you will remain ineligible for certain types of professions, including health care, jobs involving fiduciary duty, weapons sales, law, law enforcement, and jobs that involve caring for vulnerable populations such as children or seniors. 

To start the CROP process, you must submit the Petition for Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity form to the Superior Court that issued your original sentence. The court may either issue a CROP or schedule a hearing to gather information about your case.