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CROPS option helps those who don’t qualify for expungement

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Firm News

The past is in the past, but unfortunately it doesn’t always stay there. Oftentimes, many individuals with a criminal record are finding it hard to turn their lives around. Growing out of the mistakes of a person’s past takes courage and maturity. However, a better future is difficult when the ghost of past criminal convictions still haunts rental and employment applications.

Thankfully, many people getting released from prison have options. Washington recently developed an alternative option for when expungement is not possible. Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity (CROPS) offers qualified individuals the ability to petition the judge to consider them “rehabilitated” from the offenses performed in the past.

Who qualifies?

CROPs restrictions apply when it comes to eligibility. However, those who qualify should pursue this option when expungement doesn’t work out. It may be the last option available to clear the negative marks that emerge after a background check.

Here are some of the qualifying criteria for CROPS:

  • Completion of jail/probation time
  • Full compliance of sentence terms
  • Paid LFOs (Legal Financial Obligations) and/or following payment plan
  • Have not committed new crimes
  • Not obligated to register as a sex offender

Applicants are also disqualified if they have committed any of the following crimes:

  • Felony (class A)
  • Sexual offense or motives
  • Extortion
  • Drive-by shooting

When you are facing a tough road ahead because of your past, don’t give up. You are not alone with the many people who come out of a criminal history to live full and restored lives. You need proper legal support and representation to help you pursue your options and get the second chance you deserve.