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We Handle Criminal Defense For Immigrants

Getting charged with a crime can be scary and stressful, but if you are an immigrant it can have many more consequences other than fines and jail time. At Kurt Bennett - The Redemption Lawyer in Normandy Park, Washington, we have been helping people defend themselves against criminal charges for over 20 years. We handle each case with experience and knowledge to create a defense for you that protects your rights.

Getting charged and convicted with a crime if you are an immigrant can have negative consequences on your immigration status. Having a criminal charge can make it harder to apply for citizenship or renew a current visa. A criminal conviction can also lead to deportation.

Worried About Your Immigration Status? We Can Help.

No matter your immigration status, we are ready to help. We will work to minimize the impact these charges have on your life. Dealing with immigration issues can be a long process, and we are able to help you each step of the way. We will work hard to keep you in the United States.

A Defense Strategy Designed To Protect Your Rights

We will take your case seriously and build you a strong and individualized legal defense that will meet your needs. We believe everyone deserves a strong defense at court and we will make sure you get yours. No one should have their life ruined over one poor choice and we will make sure you get the legal help you need.

We can defend you against charges such as the following:

  • Possession, sale, or manufacturing of drugs
  • Crimes such as domestic violence and assault
  • Property crimes such as theft, burglary, and robbery
  • DUIs
  • Sex crimes

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At Kurt Bennett - The Redemption Lawyer, we will work with hard for you. If you are ready to schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, you can send us an email or give us a call at 206-792-3265.