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How can I help my kids heal after a divorce?

Divorce is hard on the whole family, but it is especially difficult for the children caught in the middle. While you may be in the process of rebuilding your life, do not forget that your kids may need assistance in that area as well. Here are a few tips to help your...

How can I help my child through a divorce?

There are many divorces across the United States and here in the Greater Seattle Area every year. Some of those divorces only affect the persons involved in the marriage, but many of them also have children involved. If you are going through a divorce and are worried...

How can I get my home back after foreclosure?

Foreclosing on your home in Washington can be devastating, but all is not loss. With Washington’s Redemption Law you may be able to get the home you love back. The law allows for you as the debtor to buy back your property following certain conditions. The Washington...

Preparing for your new life after divorce

Living single again after years of being part of a couple may be a bit of a financial shock, and while you are going through the stress of the divorce, you may not want to face those changes yet. However, if you recognize and plan for those changes during your...

What is restorative justice?

On this blog, we often use the term "redemption law" when discussing ways to give people a second chance after they have been convicted of a crime. Another term that some of our readers may have seen is "restorative justice." The two concepts are different in many...