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How do you expunge your criminal record?

| Feb 11, 2021 | criminal defense

If you have a criminal charge on your record, in Washington, you may worry about its impact on your life in the future. Even if you did not suffer a guilty verdict for the crime, the arrest record remains. If the courts filed charges against you and later dismissed said charges, this is non-conviction data.

In order to expunge your record, you must submit an application. According to the Washington Courts, deletion of said criminal history records requires a person:

  • To have non-conviction data on his or her record
  • To have no deferred prosecutions
  • To have no charges or arrests during the two to three year time period
  • To wait two years since the dismissal date or three years if no charges filed
  • To have a clean record, free of gross misdemeanors and felonies

Vacating an offense can help. When you submit the application, you are at the discretion of a judge. You may qualify for everything listed, but this does mean that the judge will side with you. If you manage to succeed at expunging or vacating your record, then you do need to know that the Department of Licensing does not recognize any vacated conviction. The best way to ensure that no one can see your record is to seal the conviction. In order to have your record sealed, you must prove that you have a need for privacy. A public policy keeps records open for the public. In order to convince someone that you privacy, you need to have compelling arguments.

Nothing in this article is legal advice. It is for educational purposes only.