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Month: February 2021

Moving on by getting a good job

For people convicted of misdemeanor or felony offenses, a big hurdle in repairing their lives can be finding a new job. If forced to spend time in jail, any job a person had prior to an offense may be lost. Even when a job remains for a person after being convicted of...

Sealing a Juvenile Offense Record

As a parent in Normandy Park, it goes without saying that you want what is best for your kids. That includes them having no barriers to their future success. Unfortunately, as many of our past clients here at Kurt Bennett Attorneys can attest to, a juvenile criminal...

New Hope gives second chances

The wait to apply to clear your record may end sooner. The New Hope Act may give you a second chance at a fresh start. Prior to its passage, you would have to wait many years to try and get your criminal record vacated by a judge. Since the Act passed last year, you...